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One city, different eras: Detroit in1965 and 2011

Here are the two videos we watched in class today, about Detroit in 1965 and Detroit in 2011. 

Detroit: City on the Move
This one is a 1965 promotional video about Detroit, an unsuccessful bid to have the Olympics in the city. It paints the image that the government and tourism board in 1965 wants to paint. This video comes from and was sent to me by Rick Prelinger of the Prelinger Archives.

Detroit Lives
This one functions as advertising for a boot company, and features Johnny Knoxville as host. The three-part miniseries highlights the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship popping up in post-industrial, 21st-century Detroit.

What stories are the two films showing? Who are their audiences, and what is their slant? How do these films show the changes the city of Detroit has undergone in the last 45 years?