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GOOD Ideas for Portland: Front Yard Project

For their final project in Nicole Lavelle’s Design Thinking class at Portland State University, student teams identified, researched and designed solutions to urban challenges unique to Portland. In conjunction with GOOD Ideas for Cities, the students presented their solutions at a public event called GOOD Ideas for Portland. This series of posts documents those presentations. Find more information about the project and event here!

Team: The Front Yard Project
Joel Stein, Lyndsay Ediger, Nathan Sonenfeld

Challenge: The Willamette River is an attractive natural feature of Portland. It runs right through our city, but still isn’t a source of local pride or a site for activity. How then, do we turn the Willamette River into Portland’s “front yard,” an inspiring place of community for Portlanders to use and socialize with others?

SolutionThe Front Yard project looked at the Willamette River as a site for engagement, and set out to understand how to increase the value of the beautiful natural feature in the hearts and minds of Portlanders. Their solution proposed a number of alternative uses for the river, each designed to get more people to the water. Floating gardens, swing sets, water taxis and a system of lights would, they argued, get instill a sense of civic pride in the average Portlander.

Presentation: See the complete presentation after the jump!