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GOOD Ideas for Portland: Team Transportation

For their final project in Nicole Lavelle’s Design Thinking class at Portland State University, student teams identified, researched and designed solutions to urban challenges unique to Portland. In conjunction with GOOD Ideas for Cities, the students presented their solutions at a public event called GOOD Ideas for Portland. This series of posts documents those presentations. Find more information about the project and event here!

Team: Team Transport
Members: Alie Kouzoukian, Ruben Cadena, Gavin Van Houten

Challenge: Trimet is facing an enormous budget shortfall. Reductions are being planned for September 2012 that will affect all aspects of the public transportation system, impacting many Portland citizens. How can revenues be increased to make sure that Trimet can continue to provide affordable and reliable service for all? 

Solution: Team Transport embarked on a rigorous research process, engaging the public to seek opinions and gauge impact of public transportation in Portland . They approached their challenge with a  three-tiered solution. First, they suggested improving the experience of the ride by making Trimet FUN. Vending machines, ride free days and wifi on all trains would make riding the bus more enjoyable. Second, they devised a series of incentive-based approaches to encourage more riders, rethinking the function of the ticket. And finally…the blackout! Team Transport proposed taking away service for one day to highlight the importance of a functioning public transportation system in the city. They argued: “Sometimes, you only know the value of something when it is taken away.”

Presentation: See the complete presentation after the jump!

Project #1: Alie Kouzoukian

"Push It"

Inspired by WK12

When we received “The List” assignment in class, I looked it over and knew immediately that Wieden and Kennedy was going to be the focus of my project. It was obvious to me that I needed to  recreate the “Fail Harder” push-pin mural that I was so taken by during my visit to their offices last fall. I was both excited and scared to undertake the project, which I generally view as a good sign.

I borrowed the concept from WK12 to make the mural, but I wanted to update some things to put my own mark on it. I decided that using rainbow translucent push-pins would be a fun and colorful way to do that. I also decided to make my own hand drawn script to further make it my own. With the help of an overhead projector, I put the text on the wall, and the rest just seemed to fall into place.

I began this project thinking that I was going to have to execute the entire thing alone, and unsure if anyone would even want to help. Although this project is based on the work of Wieden + Kennedy, it ended up being a project about community as well. The PSU Graphic Design program is full of open hearted people who were excited to see me fulfill this dream, and happy to help me, even if it meant giving hours of their valuable time.

As a maker, I learned that I could try something that I hadn’t done before, and execute it. This will undoubtedly lead to trying new things in the future, by going about it the way I did here: Make a plan, and then put it into action. Ask questions from people who know more about the subject than myself. Enlist the help of others. Smile a lot. Offer to help other people in return for their help. Be persistent. Work through the fear of failure, and remember that unless you fail sometimes, you aren’t trying hard enough.

A big debt of thanks to those who helped me: Michael Marin, Jeremy O’Connell, Elizabeth Welch, Emily Codino, Sarah Young, Rachel Higgins, Kit MacAllister, Sean Schumacher, Spencer McGee, and a few people whose names I didn’t catch, but helped out anyways. Also thanks to Tina Le for the photos and video!

If you are interested, a brief video about the project can be seen here.