The following readings are required and recommended readings for this class. 

Art’s Little Brother by Rick Poynor. From Icon Magazine online, May 2005

Introduction to Graphic Design: Now In Production by Ellen Lupton and Andrew Blauvelt. Excerpt from exhibition catalog, July 2011. PDF provided.

Towards Relational Design by Andrew Blauvelt, from Design Observer, November 2008.

What is a Designer Statement? seven-part series edited by Vadim Gershman. From Walker Art Center blog, December 2011.

Ten Things I Have Learned by Milton Glaser. From AIGA speech, 2005.

Design Is More Than Packaging by Janet Rae-Dupree. From the Business section of the New York Times, October 2008. 

First Things First Manifesto, 1964

First Things First Manifesto, 2000

Introduction to First Things First 2000: Design is About Democracy by Rick Poynor. Originally published in Adbusters, AIGA Journal, Blueprint, Emigre, Eye, etc., spring 2000.

Is Humanitarian Design the New Imperialism? by Bruce Nussbaum. from FastCo. Design, July 2010 

Are Humanitarian Designers Imperialists? Project H Responds by Emily Pilloton. From FastCo. Design, July 2010 

From Bertie to Berkeley: The Next Generation of Studio H by Emily Pilloton. From Studio H Newsletter, June 2012

"Design Thinking" Isn’t a Miracle Cure, but Here’s How It Helps by Helen Walters. From FastCo. Design, March 2011

What is Social Design? by Ryan LeCluyse. From Brute Labs blog, October 2011

The (Limited) Power of Good Intentions by Julie Lasky. From Metropolis Magazine, October 2010.

Interview with Ed Panar by Benjamin Thomas. From Contact Editons, 2011.

Demythologizing Design: Another view of “Design with the other 90%: CITIES” by David Stairs. From Design Observer, December 2011.

The Interventionists Toolkit, Part 1

The Interventionists Toolkit, Part 2: Posters, Pamphlets and Guides

The Interventionists Toolkit, Part 3: Our Cities, Ourselves

The Interventionists Toolkit, Part 4: Project, Map, Occupy

Series by Mimi Zeiger. From Design Observer, February 2011-March 2011.

The Branding of the Occupy Movement by William Yardley. From the New York Times, November 2011.


Recommendations that I think all designers/artists/creative people should read.

The Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne (audiobook from iTunes recommended)

Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit

Outside Lies Magic: Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places by John Stilgoe

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

Massive Change by Bruce Mau and the Institute without Boundaries

Sense of Place, Sense of Time by J.B. Jackson

Buying In by Rob Walker 

Beautiful Losers edited by Aaron Rose

Design as Art by Bruno Munari