Design and Cities, Design and Good…Weeks 5+6 Wrap-Up


I hope you all enjoyed the GOOD Ideas for Cities event last week. Ideally it gave you lots of good fodder for jumping into your own Portland-based projects.

I wanted to re-cap a few things from the last two weeks.

We watched the documentary Urbanized in class, which was intended to give you a global overview of some of the essential systems present in urban centers.

We watched a few videos about Detroit, which made the discussion a bit more localized. The shorts gave us an idea of how American cities reflect cultural and economic shifts taking place in our own country.

We explored our own relationships with Portland through the You And Your City writing assignment. Those were incredibly enjoyable for me to read, and it gave me a glimpse into the ways you all interact with the place you live. Hopefully it made you think more carefully about your own lives and the place you call home.

We got out into the city to observe via the Reading the Human Landscape assignment. Some of you ventured into unknown territory, while others took a closer look at something familiar. That assignment was intended to get you into a hyper-aware mode and teach you that you can read and interpret your surroundings. I also wanted you to get comfortable talking to strangers!

What questions were raised during the last few weeks? Did the assignments and in-class discussions change your perspective on where you live? What did you think of the GOOD event? 

Your assignment for Tuesday is to write a short reflection of the GOOD Ideas for Cities event. What did you think of the challenges? The solutions? The presentations? Were there specific things you saw or heard about that you’d like to address as your challenge? Are there presentation methods that you’d like to use? Did you like the more serious ideas or the more playful ones? Use this assignment as an opportunity to think about your own projects. If you need a reminder of what happened, the Portland Mercury wrote it up on Blogtown.

Please bring to class on Tuesday, printed out, a one-page response to the GOOD event. Address some of the questions above.

Super excited to jump into these projects! See you on Tuesday.