Project One: Jesse Weeg

Drift Wood Bookcase

Inspired By: Unconsumption

For this project, I took a trip to the Oregon Coast and gathered a random assortment of wood, ranging fromĀ free formĀ drift wood to milled pieces. It took some time to conceptualize what I wanted to do with the wood, but I decided on having two main supports that give the illusion that they are passing right through the shelves. I’m not a very experienced in this field and lacked many of the proper tools for exactness, so it was a little iffy in some places, but overall I’m happy with the final product.

I was really impressed by what I saw on the Unconsumption website and I thought it was so cool to make something from reused materials instead of just buying it at a store. My project differed a little though, instead of reusing potential trash items, I used reclaimed wood found at the Oregon Coast. This project was very enjoyable, as woodworking isn’t something that I do regularly and working with organic, reclaimed wood was a fun challenge as I the pieces I found limited my options and forced me to think of how I could make it work.

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